AAP will pay class 10th and 12th CBSE Examination fees

Delhi Education Minister - Manish Sisodia

Source: Internet Credit: catchnews.com

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Good news for the parents of class 10th and 12th students residing in Delhi. As the Delhi government has come up with a big decision where the government school students and the aided school students of Class 10th and 12th will get rid off paying the CBSE examination fees. The Delhi government has decided that they will pay the full fees. However, this decision will not only encourage parents to educate their children but also will act as financial support to them.

The information has been circulated by Deputy CM and Education Minister of Delhi – Manish Sisodia.
He said, “School has been instructed that they are not allowed to take the CBSE Examination fees from any of the students.” Means AAP will bear the expense of those new talents of India, who are just at the initial stage of their journey to make India proud one day.

CBSE new fees structure for its aspirants of 10th and 12th class

  1. For SC/ST – it was raised to 1200 from 375 rupees.
  2. For General – it was raised to 1500 from 750 rupees.

Before the fees raised, the SC/ST students were only paying 50 rupees as their CBSE Examination fees and the government was paying the rest of the amount as a subsidy i.e. 325 rupees. General students were paying the whole fees by their own i.e. 750 rupees

Recently, CBSE announced a very great hike in the fees for class 10th and 12th examination. It becomes a topic of concern for the country and even parents from all over the country were in a state that they were helpless. Hence, AAP has taken the initiative to deal with this concern of AAM AADMI. Now as per the CBSE guidelines, SC/ST students have to pay the whole amount to the CBSE i.e. 1200 and General students 1500. But there will be no fees for students studying in school comes under the Delhi Government.

Although, the board had re-established the office of SC/ST students paying Rs. 50 after the AAP government consented to pay the rest of the sum.

Picture of Delhi education minister - Manish Sisodia in contrast to 10th and 12th CBSE Fees.
Source: Internet
Credit: catchnews.com

Manish Sisodia Twitted that:
“Delhi government is in the procedure of taking this to CBSE to roll back the hike on fees.”

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