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About the Author/Blogger/Editor

A successful Mechanical Engineer who left his job to start SocialKrow. He never planned to start SocialKrow but the need of time made things to align in such a way that he started it with just an aim to make people aware of the facts and figures and real information rather than the fake news circulated across the internet. He always wanted the trust of his audience to serve them better day by day. Now he is a Professional Marketer and also continuing SocialKrow to reach his audience to serve them the best.

What is SocialKrow?

Socialkrow is your best buddy to get socialize with the real information about social issues/causes/needs. Socialkrow is also a platform where anyone can contact us to raise his/her voice regarding any social issues/causes/needs related to society and the government. You can write in a message on our Facebook page or on Instagram.

What SocialKrow Serves?

We never focus to cover only hot topics but we believe in conveying the information that can affect our audience so they can be aware of their surroundings. Every Information is useful in some ways but we never cover every small and big news/incident. However, what we cover we try to serve it with a new angle in it to our audience.
SocialKrow focuses to convey facts and figures that can make its audience to rethink what they already know and what should they know in order to be a good citizen. We are also here to entertain you with different flavors. You will get Viral news and memes time to time with an entertaining touch of SocialKrow.

What’s your theory for life?

This segment is for those Storytellers who always wanted to convey what they faced in life, and how their story and life lessons can help others. What is that one thing you believe is the key to success? What is that theory of life you believe in or you believed to become successful in life? You can read more here and you can share your theory in English / Hindi.

Share this with your friends and family