Now share your Whatsapp story as Facebook story

screenshot of new feature whatsapp story on facebook story
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If you use WhatsApp and Facebook. Well, you will be using that’s why you came here. So there is good news for you. Whatever story Android users will share on WhatsApp, they can now directly share on their Facebook story too. To do this, you just have to update your WhatsApp app with the latest stable version. You can do this by visiting the Google Play Store.

How to share Whatsapp stories on your Facebook stories?

  • Open Whatsapp. Go to the story section.

After this, go to the hamburger ( three dots option ) next to the WhatsApp story you have shared.

  • Click on Share on Facebook.
  • Here you will see your Facebook profile photo with the default privacy settings.
  • Click Share Now to share the story.
  • While sharing the WhatsApp story as Facebook Story, you can change the privacy settings by going to your Story Settings. You can decide there, to whom you want to show your story and to whom not. There, you will have privacy options like Public, private, connections, friends, custom or hide story from.
screenshot of new feature whatsapp story on facebook story

Your facebook story will visible to your friends till the next 24 hours of sharing it. Even if you delete WhatsApp story after sharing on Facebook, your Facebook story will still exist.

There was already an option to share the Instagram story on Facebook Story. But now share this new update with your friends so they can share their day to day moments and activities with their Whatsapp connections and facebook friends at a time.

Share this with your friends and family

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