What’s your theory for life?

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Everyone has their own theory for life and their strong belief for their theory and perspective nurtures them as what they are today. But, there are so many others who failed to understand life and it’s meaning. Some people never understand why they are special. Some never get an opportunity to explore what is their purpose in life. We have many theories for life that are already written in Vedas, Geeta, Bible, Kuran, Ramayana and so many other. Also, there are many theories which were discovered just before us. Like Siddhartha Gautama founded Buddhism, Nataputta Mahavira founded Jainism, Guru Nanak Dev founded Sikhism, and many other religions are there in existence.

Why theories are needed for life?

We all have born in any of these religions and follows it. Theories of different religions give us a different way to live and understand life. But following these predefined theories sometimes makes us question? Why we need theory for life? what is the purpose to follow these theories? What if these theories were someone’s mindset of living life and he just used to teach others to live life the way he was living. On the other hand, most of us have no time to completely understand each and every logic behind these predefined theories. Ancient fellows of each theory say all life lessons and all your questions for life are available in these books.

How theories originated?

What if those storytellers had faced life’s obstacles themselves at various points in their lives. Being a good soul they conveyed their theories to others like a storyteller. And with their life experiences, others got help and an easy way to understand life. A way to find themselves. And how to control emotions as problems in life arises with emotions. Every time a new strong belief for life has come into existence at different points of time. As any of the theory has no interconnection with each other.

How today’s world is a trap

But, today is a world of AI, Internet, Social Media, and other technological advance life. We are living a Hi-Tech life but life’s problems are same as like it was in early time or ancient times. Life is a vicious circle what we believe here at Now life demands you to run at a fast pace. Above all, you have no time to understand theories of your religion. When the problem comes in life, you find yourself weak as the lack of knowledge of your religion.

When you create your own theory for life

You may say I follow my religion since birth but the fact is that you fail to use the true power/energy of those theories. When the problem comes in life, you find yourself weak as the lack of knowledge of your religion. Then you start making your own theories and beliefs for life then the real purpose of life begins. You start finding your inner-self and your purpose in life. How you are special and starts creating your own beliefs and theories for life. You become a storyteller for others and teach them to live life the way you are living. Moreover, you start helping your nearer and dearer with your theories and life lessons.

We value your thoughts

Here at socialkrow share your life lessons and your theory for life. We never disrespect any religion or theory and we are not against any religion. We just want from you, to share what theory you have created in life. Which religion’s theory you are following in life and in what way you used it to know your purpose of life and understands the meaning of life. New storytellers of this era who followed their religion’s theories or created their own new. So, people of both categories are welcome here at to share it with millions of other people out there.

Let’s help each other

Life is too short to know everything. Let’s share what we have with us. It will help millions of other people to understand life in a better way.

Share this with your friends and family