World’s Biggest Paratha – For Paratha Lovers

a cup of curd with green chill chatni placed on delicious world's biggest paratha

Source: Credits: sip_n_gulp

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Indians are foodie but what makes them foodie? Are they foodie as they are Indians?? No!! What makes them love food? It’s Indian Culture, which has a variety of delicious food in it. You can travel anywhere across India, every place will introduce a completely new flavor of food to you, which will not only satisfy your hungriness but also left you with a delicious memory of that place. Paratha is one of the traditional foods of India. As paratha is an Indian dish so World’s Biggest paratha is available in India only.

a cup of curd with green chill chatni placed on delicious world's biggest paratha
Source: Credits: sip_n_gulp

Paratha is basically a North Indian Traditional dish, which has it’s own big family or we can say varieties. It has n number of varieties of its own like aloo paratha, gobhi paratha, paneer paratha, matar paratha, pyaz paratha, methi paratha, muli paratha, dal paratha, palak paratha, etc etc etc….!!! But the most wanted paratha is Allo Paratha. Aloo Paratha is the most loved breakfast food in North India. North Indians can eat paratha anytime a day – breakfast, lunch, dinner, even people eat it 3 times a day – mad aloo paratha lovers, haha!!

So, for Mad lovers of paratha, there is mad news for you all. You may have heard – eat paratha and earn money. But what if someone offers a lifetime free food to their restaurant? Not believing? it’s true, yes it’s true!!

Let’s know more about World’s Biggest Paratha

There is a restaurant named Prisha Paratha Junction which serves the world’s Biggest Paratha. It is in Uttam Nagar, New Delhi, near Uttam Nagar, Metro Pillar no. 715. At Prisha Partha Junction you can win 11000/- rupees and even offers a lifetime free food from their side to the winners of the challenge.

world's biggest paratha with a cup of curd with green chill chatni placed on it.
credits: Foodlykp

The only condition is to finish three parathas in 60 minutes. Many of you will say, ohh this is the only condition? I can eat, it’s just 3 parathas. But before that, you must know the size and weight of 1 paratha of Prisha Paratha Junction. One paratha is of 2 foot in size and 1200gm in weight. Made in Desi Ghee with butter, curd and green sauce as complimentary to add more flavor to the paratha.

A total of 50 different variety of parathas are available. You can order any of your wishes and even can take the challenge, it’s up to you.

Well, when I went there with my friends we failed the challenge. If you think you are the biggest paratha lover then you must visit Prisha Paratha Junction and try the parathas. Even you can try 1 at a time, then no prize money will be there, go with your friends and enjoy the gift of Indian Culture.

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