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Yogi Adityanath ‘Prerna App’ – Users feeling useless in UP.

Yogi Adityanath


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Education and Health, these are the two things on which the UP government is based. Don’t know how much has improved, but really there is a need to improve a lot as of now. Recently Yogi Government launched “Prerna App” for UP government school teachers and the app has 1.5-stars rating on Google Play Store and worst reviews by the users. Some say college students can develop a better app than this. Don’t know how the government can be so wrong.

Yogi Prerna App is the worst app of 2019 launched by UP government.

It was launched on September 5, i.e. on Teacher’s Day. This App purposes that the teachers will take their selfies three times a day with this app to ensure their presence in the school. Even student’s attendance will also be made through this app.

It is mandatory for government school teachers to use this app for the attendance purpose of their own self as well as for their students. Now teachers are doing the same but have also spoiled the ratings on Android’s Play Store. You can check just Open the play store. This app rating is 1.5 Stars.

What teachers are saying about CM Yogi ‘Prena App’ in UP?

They are saying that it is tampering with their privacy and already they have too many responsibilities anyways. Now they are being loaded with some of these more responsibilities. Banaras State’s, Queens College teacher says –

“Including back and forth, already there is high work pressure. Now you are saying that take pictures during the whole day. That too selfie!! And wanted us to put on an app whose rating is so poor. Punch machine was best. But now the chances are also there that the privacy of the app is going to deteriorate, as the government does not care. ”

Women teachers are most concerned about the privacy of the app. They said that they don’t know why they have to put their photo on the app. An app on which the government is not openly discussing its privacy and how safe their pictures are on this app.

A teacher posted in the primary school in Gorakhpur, on the condition of anonymity, she says

“We have been using this app for the last few days. On one hand, the government is saying that teachers should not use phones in schools. And on the one hand, such a compulsion that the phone remains in hand throughout the day. Should we teach or keep using the phone? “

But many people also say that it is right to do so. Government teachers do not work. There should be a stringent rule on them. This app will significantly improve basic and secondary education.

State President of Uttar Pradesh Primary Teachers Association, Sushil Kumar Pandey has said –

“Photos of female teachers can be leaked and can be misused. This is a violation of their right to privacy. If the photograph being misused then who will be responsible for it? ”

The teachers also state that any picture can be edit in horrible and vulgar ways. Reports say that such statements are coming from many districts of UP. Protests are taking place in Jaunpur and Lakhimpur against this app, but the government is still silent. Yogi government should consider the app feedback as well as the teachers concerned of privacy for its Prerna App for the welfare of UP.

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